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A handy collection of answers to frequently asked questions, body corporate related links and resources, and other links and resources.

We would recommend that you have a look around on these pages to better understand what body corporate management involves, the extent of free resources provided by government and the body corporate industry, plus a lot of links to other useful businesses and websites.

What does a body corporate do, what does it cover and what it doesn't do?

We have included some FAQ’s to let you quickly find out the answers to many of the questions we get asked regularly both by body corporate members and by occupants in body corporate properties.

Where can I find out more information about body corporates and body corporate management?

There is a vast array of free resources provided in regard to body corporates both by the government and the industry. We have included a range of useful links to government and other sites for you to surf, plus provide copies of many of the forms frequently required in Queensland.

Where can I find other useful links and information?

Running a professional body corporate management business in Queensland does mean that we come across a lot of other businesses, service providers and interesting people. We have provided a selction of links here to let you find them as well.

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