Financial Management

We cover all the essential accounting and financial body corporate services in our annual fee.

  • Opening, maintaining and operating the body corporate bank accounts
  • Preparing body corporate budgets
  • Invoicing, collecting and banking of body corporate levy notices
  • Paying of body corporate approved invoices
  • Keeping body corporate accounting records
  • Preparing financial accounts
  • Arranging the audit of the financial accounts
  • Lodging body corporate tax returns (via registered tax agent)
  • Actioning body corporate levies arrears including debt recovery

Meetings and Secretarial Matters

Arranging and holding body corporate meeting and dealing with all the secretarial matters is a key service included in the annual fee.

  • Keeping up to date body corporate records including the roll and register
  • Calling for nominations for positions on the committee
  • Preparing and distributing notices of meetings
  • Preparing agendas for meetings
  • Taking submissions from anyone who is permitted to submit matters to a meeting and ensuring compliance with rules
  • Arranging and attending the annual General Meeting and committee meetings
  • Preparing and distributing the minutes of meetings


Keeping up to date with all the administration matters for a body corporate is essential. Again, we include all these services in our annual fee.

  • Keeping all body corporate insurance up to date including paying premiums, lodging claims and getting quotes when needed
  • Keeping and using the body corporate common seal as required
  • Implementing body corporate decisions as needed
  • Making the records available for inspection with reasonable notice
  • Dealing with all body corporate correspondence

Other Services

Quite a few other issues always arise with administering a body corporate. Some are included in our annual fee, whilst others may be subject to a separate fee or payment to another paryty.

  • Assessing maintenance requirements as and when required
  • Helping owners evaluate maintenance requirements so that your property is maintained to standard
  • Providing guidance when quotes are required
  • Getting emergency repairs attended to ASAP
  • Answering all telephone calls and emails as soon as practical
  • Dispute mediation and resolution
  • Providing a sympathic ear when things go wrong

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