About us

Body Corporate Management Queensland is the trading name for Body Corporate Management Queensland Pty Ltd and Strata Queensland Pty Ltd.

We offer a full range of body corporate services. We are focused in Brisbane southside.

Who is Judith Akins?

I am Judith Akins, an honest and passionate woman. I hold values of integrity, ethics and responsibility highly. I have spent many years working long and hard and am now embracing working smarter and having more fun in everything I do. 

I am now committed to bringing my personal philosophy to body corporate management. The properties that I currently provide body corporate services have embraced my personal, hands-on approach. Have a look at the testimonials I have from very satisfied committees and owners. I don’t shirk from taking the tough phone calls and resolving the issues that seem to always occur with owners and occupants alike.

Body Corporate Management Queensland is committed to providing personalised service. We deal with the small problems before they become large and complicated. It is a pretty simple formula; we get in and fix the problems So you can get on with life and leave the body corporate management to us.

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